American Addiction Centers

Leader in Lifestyle Intervention, Treatment & Recovery

Grandma says, “Everyone has something, its how you deal with it that determines your future.”

Life can bring you to the top of the mountain as quick as it can lead you to the lowest valley. American Addiction Centers is the leader, when it comes to meeting the individual where they are and developing a personalized road map to achieve total life transformation.

Supporting and serving those who struggle with drug, alcohol, gambling or food addiction, American Addiction Centers are committed to providing a structure where all can find their own Believable Hope ™ for an addiction free future. Through traditional addiction treatment and innovative methodologies, by resolving underlying core issues, attending to any mental or chemical deficiencies, receiving education on lifestyle habits and behavior modification, a new mindset is created allowing for long-term recovery.

American Addiction Centers has a direct focus on human transformation by synergistically merging the current addiction, recovery and intervention industries with health, fitness and overall wellness.

American Addiction Centers is built on the foundation that transformation and total wellness is attainable and within reach to anyone who makes the decision to reposition their mind-set and therefore reposition their future.