About Michael

Michael Cartwright is a trailblazer in the premiere addiction industry and a noted behavioral health entrepreneur. He is currently the Chairman of the Board of American Addiction Centers and regularly oversees nearly 300 people in treatment each month. Treatment and recovery options for drugs, alcohol, food, obesity, gambling and smoking are made available across the country within the American Addiction Centers organization.

Michael’s treatment philosophy is based on 15 federally funded research studies on dual diagnosis and addiction. He has created a 5-pronged approach that has been integrated into all of his treatment facilities. By applying these 5 essential elements, any individual can beat any addiction.

Michael’s current drug and alcohol treatment facilities are located throughout Southern California and Las Vegas, NV. His premiere facility is the historical Greenhouse in Dallas, TX.

As avid fitness enthusiast, Michael has experienced firsthand the dramatic transformation possible through exercise, nutrition, total mindset and overall lifestyle changes when he lost 60 pounds in five months; he founded FitRX, his newest venture — a premiere physician-directed weight loss retreat facility outside Nashville, TN. FitRX caters to those who struggle with obesity, a food addiction issue that plagues nearly 72 million Americans.

Michael is also the founder of Dual Diagnosis Management and the former CEO of Foundations Associates, where he oversaw the transformation of thousands of individuals and families who struggled with addiction. Under his management, the organization expanded to include four alcohol and drug treatment facilities nationwide, including the Canyon, the leading recovery facility in Malibu, CA. Michael also served on the Senate Help Sub-committee on Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services where he worked directly with Senator Ted Kennedy, a highlight in his service career.

Michael established the largest national conference in the addiction industry for 12 years running. He has recently launched the Lifestyle Intervention, a new annual national conference held at the Bellagio Resort in Las Vegas, which focuses on all lifestyle addictions, including food, obesity, sex, pornography, gambling, smoking and gaming. The Lifestyle Conference draws 85 exhibitors and 500-700 attendees nationwide.

There is no end in sight for Michael Cartwright. He will continue to see through his goal in providing endless resources to those who truly want to release from the grip of addiction.

Michael lives in Brentwood, TN with his wife and two children.